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i design stuff for web & print..
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la cocina’s 2012 annual report.

connotative poster for typography class (2012). three descriptors to convey: modular, sculptural, and industrial.

collateral material for la cocina, an incubator kitchen in SF. flyers for the organization’s annual culinary classes. 2012/2013.

logo work for aedan fermented foods, a participant business with la cocina (an incubator kitchen in san francisco)

a book for design history about memory, history, and time; the subject matter was a family member. 

denotative manual for typography (#ccamfadesign). hand-bound & french-folded.

a hand-bound, classically typeset book of a compilation of fairy tales. a project for typography class (CCA MFA Design)

web design and implementation of GHL Apparel. also acted as creative director for the 2012 resilience campaign photo shoot.

invitations and map inserts for a baby shower held for tracy. (designed and printed all materials).

boxy end tables no. 1 & 2

the boxy end tables offer just the right amount of table space for lamps or books while providing storage for anything you might need by your couch (say, the remote).

first exploration into using metal with woodwork. the tables feature a solid white poplar box with a walnut veneer on the inside. the box is “folded” down to bookmatch the grains while the edges are beveled to frame whatever is displayed inside. stainless steel legs were bent and MIG welded. 


part of the print/poster series. motivational sayings; this is a simplification of “the best you can do is you and you’re awesome”. 8.5” x 11”. 

a large 83” x 33” banner for global lives project, a San Francisco-based non-profit. used during the 2011 fundraising gala. created using similar elements from the group’s fundraiser gala 2011 invitations.

a free image/poster i created (8.5” x 11”) to inspire motivation in myself and others (first distributed through la-dee-da). inspired by the works of lucius art. feel free to print and enjoy. not for commercial use. 

two paintings for the capoeira irmandade fundraiser.

acrylic & ink on canvas.

12in x 12in

a day in the life.

pen, ink wash, & pencil on bristol.

14in x 17in

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